Performer. Entrepreneur. Whippersnapper.


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The Cliffnotes

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The Girl

A small-town girl who paid for her BFA degree by the scholarship she won in The Miss America Organization. She achieved some interesting things in life: Mensa, aircraft piloting, black belt in Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts, youngest graduate of Fordham with summa cum laude status in the honors program. Then fell into the improv world after studying at UCB — being raised by a Bronx, Italian family in the country gave her a lot of material to use.


The Performer

She found her place early in equity theater and worked her way up through the ranks, performing from venues on Broadway to tours, in musical theater and classical pieces. She simultaneously worked her way up as a musician performing at venues from Carnegie Hall to Vegas, and receiving the honor of Female Gospel Vocalist of the Year by the CMA. She’s also an international yodeling champion and, yeah, may have some lederhosen in her closet.


The Soul

After a near-death experience in which a FedEx driver saved her life, she vowed to live every day to the fullest in gratitude and service. When she forgets that promise to herself, it’s not unusual that a FedEx truck merges in front of her car or an unexpected package is delivered to her door. Between forced reminders to uphold the miracle of life, she volunteers weekly for various organizations and has been an awarded volunteer in the mental health field.

What Others Say

“There are clichés abound about someone being the so-called “light of the room,” but clichés only exist if they capture the truth better than anything else ever could. It applies here. Wherever she is, Linzi is not only the light; everyone else seems caught in her orbit.”

“Pipes of steel and an overall powerhouse of an actress.”

“When she came onstage for her bow, the audience seemed shocked to see her walking as a fully able-bodied person, so believable her portrayal was in this role.”

“As a music industry professional for the past 43 years, best known for having discovered Stefani Germanotta (Lady GaGa) and Lizzy Grant (Lana Del Rey), and also for working with thousands of artists during my 18 years as the national projects director for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, I can truthfully say that Linzi is one of the most gifted and versatile singers and actresses I have had the pleasure of watching perform. She is also one of the hardest-working, dedicated, devoted and determined people I’ve ever met in the entertainment industry. I am very grateful to have met and worked with her, and look forward to continue doing so for many years to come.”

“I saw Linzi perform a comical soliloquy at The Hudson Theatre and she was so insanely funny and sexy that I immediately cast her in my upcoming movie, Giant Girl.”

On-Camera Work

From the CW Network to feature films, she has used her high voice and feigned naïvete as comic weapons and used her grounding presence for dramatic strength.

Television Appearances


Onstage Work

First show at age 4, she has continued performing across the nation — and abroad — in every way imaginable. Except stripping. But there’s still time.



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